"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

That might have been true back in Shakespeare day... but today we need to talk about Free Trade. Wouldn't your rose smell that much sweeter knowing it came from a ethical working farm? YES!

Did you know that the majority of cut flowers sold in Canada come from Latin America?

The flower industry is becoming increasingly important in developing countries through job creation, trade and foreign exchange. It is an opportunity for economic growth. Thousands of jobs are created giving a higher standard of living.

However, the flower industry is a primarily female workforce and many of those are poor with little education and there for more vulnerable.

Work environments are not always great, with low pay, crowded housing, over exposure to fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic chemicals, and repression of trade/ labour unions.

The good news, this can all be changed. Supporting flower shops who bring in Fair Trade flowers creates a continued demand for ethically farmed flowers. This trade agreement works to support flower farms that are certified to ensure decent working conditions, giving employees a voice and protecting their rights.

So next time you're shopping for flowers, remember to look for those shops who support free trade!

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